Conference Talks


Talks on Temples by Church Leaders

Temple Mormon“Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings” by Russell M. Nelson, 2001
Under President Gordon B. Hinckley’s inspired direction, temples are now more accessible than ever. Inscribed on each temple are the words “Holiness to the Lord” . . . (more)

“A Temple-Motivated People” by Howard W. Hunter, 1995
The gospel proclaimed to the world by the Latter-day Saints is the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored to the earth in this dispensation and is for the redemption of all mankind. The Lord himself has revealed what is essential for the salvation and exaltation of his children. . . . (more)

“Happiness and Joy in Temple Work” by Franklin D. Richards, 1986
Today I would like to make specific reference to the joy and happiness one receives in doing temple work. A few months ago, Sister Richards and I returned after having the great privilege of supervising the temple work in the Washington, D.C., temple for a little over two years . . . (more)

“The House of the Lord” by Robert L. Simpson, 1980
A temple of God in this day and age? How can this be? Most God-fearing folks think only in terms of ancient temples built when prophets lived among the people more than two thousand years ago . . . (more)

Article Name
Conference Talks
A short list of talks given by LDS Church leaders about serving in Mormon Temples.

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