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Mormon temple Los Angeles CaliforniaThe First Presidency of the Mormon Church announced on March 6, 1937, that a temple would be built in Los Angeles California. On March 23, 1937, a site was found and purchased from Harold Lloyd Motion Picture Company by President of the Mormon Church at the time Heber J. Grant. However, the onset of World War II and financial difficulties caused by the Great Depression stopped construction. During this time modifications were made to the plans of the temple, adding a Priesthood room and spire with the angel Moroni. These modifications made the Los Angeles temple more like the Salt Lake Temple. With the completion of the Los Angeles Mormon temple, it was the tenth temple worldwide.

A groundbreaking ceremony and site dedication for the Mormon temple were held on September 22, 1951. David O. McKay presided at the ceremony. The site of the temple is thirteen acres overlooking Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles. The exterior finish of the temple is Mo-Sai stone facing, which is a mixture of crushed quartz and cement. The wainscot of the exterior is Rockville granite quarried in Minnesota. The temple grounds are beautifully landscaped with rare trees and plants. The grounds also feature two fountains, a reflection pool and numerous statues. Also located on this site are other Church facilities such as a meetinghouse, a baseball field, a Family History library, apartments for missionaries, and the Mission headquarters for Los Angeles.

In October of 1954, a 15 ½ foot angel Moroni statue was placed atop the temple. During a visit to the temple, President David O. McKay noticed that the statue faced southeast. He informed the architect that the angel should be facing due east, and the statue was turned.

The temple was open to the public for tours December 19, 1955, through February 18, 1956. Those who attended the open house were taken on tours of the 190,614 square foot temple. Following its construction, the Los Angeles temple was the largest temple of the Church, but the Salt Lake Temple has since had additions, making it the largest Mormon temple in the world. The Los Angeles temple is so large that it is able to accommodate 300 people per session. On the tour patrons were able to see the ten sealing rooms, four ordinance rooms, celestial room, baptistry and other facilities used for carrying out Mormon beliefs associated with the temple. The celestial room of the temple features murals on the walls, making it one of only three Mormon temples that have murals in the celestial room; the other temples with murals are the Idaho Falls temple and the Draper Temple.

The dedication of the Los Angeles Mormon temple was held March 11th through the fourteenth 1956. David O. McKay gave the dedicatory prayer. The Los Angeles temple closed for extensive interior renovations and re-opened again June 29, 2006. The Los Angeles temple was not rededicated as many other temples have been after renovation, because Church officials decided to allow only endowed members of the Mormon Church to work on the renovations. This way the temple is not de-consecrated, and the Church avoids the expense of another open house and dedication. Renovations include a complete reworking of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems, and redesign of the baptistry, which had always had problems with mold because of poor ventilation.

On August 7, 2010, the Los Angeles Temple visitor’s center was re-opened to the public after two years of renovation.  The center has increased in size to over 12,800 square feet and incorporates cutting-edge interactive multi-media exhibits, including a trip to the ancient Holy Land in 3-D.  Also included is a 180-seat theater, complete with a multipurpose space for films, cultural performances and traveling exhibits.  Historical exhibits about the temple have also been built.  At one exhibit, children can draw digital pictures of family life and email them.

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